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IMPORTANT! For international shipments with a single or total weight of more than 20 kg, please contact us with details of what you want to order and the delivery address for a quote. Our products weights are as follows; Field Stand HD Version 12 kg, Factory Table Supports 5kg, Field Trolley 24 kg, Factory Trolley 18 kg, Benchtop Support HD Version 6 kg.

Field Stand HD Version


Field Stand HD Version 00000
Price : 430 AUDIn stock

Introducing the new HD (Heavy Duty) version of the Prophead Products Field Stand, upgraded to carry today's ever-increasing size models on a stable platform over rough and uneven ground. The additional strength and support are coming from an extra 28 pieces and 48 screws, bolts and washers. Missing link base with an Ian quick release system, four extra arms that help form a box section, necktie support for when fully extended, and alloy plates. This upgrade does not impede the previous versatility and range of configurations.

Manufacture of the Prophead Products Field Stand HD Version for RC model aircraft and other models begins with the attachment of a 1220 x 810 x 18 mm piece of black film birch plywood to a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine.

First, the CNC machine drills 164 x 6 mm construction assist holes that are used to fasten screws to the spoil board beneath.

Then there is a tool change to cut the 59 individual pieces that make up the field stand. On completion, they are removed, inspected for flaws and put aside for the next step of the process.

Setup cut and retrieve time takes near three hours.

Nine pieces are then glued together with TechGrip, clamped and cured for a minimum of 24-hours.

Every piece is then hand finished on a sander - some on the CNC machine and only then after another inspection is the logo cut into the base.

In all, 96 nuts, bolts and washers are used to produce and assemble a Prophead Products Field Stand HD Version.

The field stand folds flat for transporting or storage and within a minute can be adjusted to accommodate whatever model you take on your next flight.

The Prophead Products Field Stand HD Version is a 100% stand-alone product. However, there is also the option of mounting it on a Prophead Products Field Trolley.

Addendum - 24 May 2019

We have now created a field stand platform, one of which can be attached in seconds to each end of the field stand to span rough uneven ground. A pair will be provided free of charge to all new and previous purchasers. See product images.

Field Stand HD Version
Field Stand HD Version
Field Stand HD Version
Field Stand HD Version